Stories and photographs from visits to old alleyways and scenic landscapes

About Me



Hi, I’m Liana! My love for travel started when my work requird me a number of times to travel to different places. Since then, travelling became an important part of my life – my favorite things are architecture, nature and food!

I am a Filipino who lives in Michigan. I love the tropical vibe of the Philippines but i also love the four seasons of Michigan.



COLLECTED is a space that is filled with my stories and photographs acquired over time from all the places I’ve traveled and from my everyday encounter with life.

TRAVEL – this is a subspace which makes me breathe and enjoy despite the hustle and bustle of my life. This subspace documents my travel diaries through stories and photographs. I’ve traveled to Asia, Europe, UK, America and Canada. My favorite travel destination so far is Switzerland. The terrace vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town capital of Bern,  are two destinations everyone must take.

PORTFOLIO – this subspace translates to “trust me you’ll like it”. This subspace contains my film photographs. I’ll be forever in love with the color that film creates on photographs, it has always that unique special look. I started shooting with film using a plastic camera (Holga 135BC) in 2011 and i experimented with various cameras and films since then. I stopped doing film photography in 2013. Going forward to 2018, i found myself shooting with film again.

This subspace also contains my digital photographs. I use my trusted RICOH GR2 camera (a street photography camera) to document my travel and i shoot using RAW image and i edit using the camera’s functionalities.

ASPIRATION – this subspace contains my design discoveries. I love open space and sunlight. I love a good mix of patterns, prints and arrangements. My inspiration for this page is Venue Report which i am totally addicted. I love their featured venues that offer unique design from camping to boutiques and hotels, from restaurants to high top bars.


BE MY FRIEND. I enjoy hearing from readers and new friends. If you have any blogging queries, suggestion, comment or just want to say hi, please fill out and submit the form. I always answer all the emails as quickly as possible.

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