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Driving the Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet

Few days before our flight and after i finalized our itinerary, HB sent me a message saying “WE HAVE DO THIS!” referring to hiking the highest peak in Scandinavia, the Galdhøpiggen mountain. This was his only request on this trip, so i wasn’t able to say NO and i immediately revised our itinerary and booked a new hotel and downloaded the map for this new location. With the sudden change, i wasn’t able to check though whether there is a national scenic route along our new way.

This drive is part of our Day 2 itinerary after the completion of our glacier hike adventure at Nigardsbreen. Right after we finished the hike, we started our drive going to our next destination – the village of Lom, which is an ideal base for hiking Galdhøpiggen.

We had no idea the route that we were about to take is part of the Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet! And i would say it was the most challenging drive I’ve ever driven on this road trip. It was a series of ascends and descends over mountain passes for almost 2 hours! The highest point is at 1,434 meters, making the road northern Europe’s highest mountain pass. The mountain landscape on this part of the world is just very different! The scenery was insanely breathtaking! It made me start wondering why this route has not been designated as a national scenic route. And i even made a comment to HB saying that i am going to send a recommendation to Norway tourism board to designate it  as a national scenic route! Lol!

Anyway, although the drive along this route is almost 2 hours, i only have few photos to share since we were in a hurry to reach our hotel before the reception closes!

Driving the Sognefjellet Route –  the road runs from Gaupne to Lom, a total distance of 108 km (Road 55).

Along the route, we passed by a village called Skjolden which is located at the end of Lustrafjorden. HB and I made a stop at the Skjolden Hotel (click the link if you want to check it out) restaurant for our dinner! The setting overlooking the fjord and mountain is very romantic. The sunset added more color to the romance as we devoured our fish ‘n’ chips, burger and beers – honestly, this was a well earned meal after a tough day and a maiden summit for both us.


Continuing our drive from the hotel, we passed by valleys, snow capped mountains and frozen lakes. The sun was beginning to set at that time which made the surrounding appeared more dramatic.

Photo Jun 03, 9 20 07 PM

Photo Jun 03, 9 20 20 PM

Then we reached a point where everything just seemed so magical, and i asked HB to take the camera and capture that moment. The clouds, the mountains and the frozen lakes seemed to kiss each other while the sun is setting out. It was lovely!

Photo Jun 03, 3 31 37 PM

Photo Jun 03, 3 31 52 PM

Photo Jun 03, 3 33 03 PMPhoto Jun 03, 3 33 07 PMPhoto Jun 03, 3 33 14 PM

We reached the village of Lom past 11 PM despite our efforts to reach before that. We were greeted with a note at the main door of the hotel with the instructions on where to get our keys, the receptionist had apparently went home. Luckily we were able to get in!

More about our stay in Lom on my next post!

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