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Driving the Norwegian Scenic Route Gamle Strynefjellsvegen

The Gamle Strynefjellsvegen is my favorite Norwegian Scenic Route, not because it is more stunning than the others, but because we were able to spend more time on this route without actually rushing into anything. We simply had more time to linger and appreciate its beauty!

The route starts at Grotli to Videsæter, a total distance of 27 km (Road 258). If you are around the Jostedalbreen National Park, Jotunheimen National Park and Breheimen and are heading to Geiranger, this route will be a nice quick detour. During our visit on June 5, 2018, a part of the route is still close probably due to icy conditions. Our drive ended at Stryn Sommerski, which is a popular ski resort.

The road after Stryn Sommerski which was still closed for vehicles during our visit


Ski Slopes at Stryn Sommerski – it looks empty but we saw a number of people doing some ski exhibitions


More photos taken while we were at Stryn Sommerski:


And look at this small cabin right here! Whoever lives here is very lucky!


Let’s look at the other parts of this route, during the drive while we were ascending to the mountains, we saw some old, handmade stone walls and long rows of guard stones at the side of the road and according to the National Scenic Route’s website, these stones date back more than a century making this route Norway’s oldest tourist route.



Photos taken at the beginning of the route where we passed by a number of clear beautiful lakes:


Have you noticed how varied the scenery is? All of these in just about an hour of drive!


Two Traveling Texans


6 thoughts on “Driving the Norwegian Scenic Route Gamle Strynefjellsvegen”

  • Just gorgeous! I can’t believe there is still so much snow in June. What was the temperature? I am guessing during the winter this whole drive is unpassable? Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • I was also surprised to see so much snow but it made the view more stunning! The temperature was perfect, around 70F, it was very sunny and felt like real summer! Your right, the whole route is close during winter. Actually, most of the scenic routes in Norway are close during winter and reopen in June.

  • Wow – it’s hard to imagine anywhere still so unaffected and beautiful!! It seems so crisp and clear!! (It’s also hard to imagine anywhere where it’s still icy in the northern hemisphere in June!) #TheWeeklyPostcard

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