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My Analog Journey: First roll of film

Picking up a roll of film from your local photo lab is just like opening you gift. You want to see it more than anything else in the world, and when you actually do, you always have surprises. Whether it is that amazing picture or the unexpected light leak that adds character – it’s always exciting. Just recently, I’ve started bringing my film camera everywhere i go with the intention of making photography a part of my lifestyle and every time i click a photo, i feel so giddy about the outcome. I’ve probably taken a million photos in my life and i’ve never been so much in love and deeply connected with those photos until i saw the photos from my first roll of film. I was so surprise with the unique aesthetic and the artistic, vintage feel. Not to mention, they were taken from a very simple, affordable yet beautiful camera from the 90s. I know there’s no turning back – here my analog begins again and continues forever.

Here’s a gallery of the photos from my first roll of film after 8 years of forgetting about film photography and how great films are. I also made a video on my youtube channel featuring these photos. Please visit the link below:

Camera: Olympus MJU II Zoom 80
Film: Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400

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