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The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (“The MET”) is the largest art museum in the US located in New York City with an overwhelming collection of more than 2 million works divided among the 17 curatorial departments.

I suggest to concentrate on these five must see collections if you have a limited time. We spent around three hours to tour all curatorial departments, stopping once in awhile as our eyes gaze into an art that capture our interest.

  • The Greek Roman Sculpture Court
  • The Vermeer Collection
  • Asian Art Collection
  • An Impressionist Treasury – European painting and sculpture
  • The Temple of Dendur – the only complete Egyptian temple

Aside from the art collections, I appreciated The MET’s architecture, how majestic every space is – my favorites are Great Hall, the Temple of Dendur (designed to approximate the light and surroundings of its original location in Nubia including the reflecting pool that evokes the Nile) and the Charles Engelhart Court (the stunning stained glass windows is made by Tiffany).



The MET isĀ  located at 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028, USA. For operating hours and for more information about the museum – please visit theirĀ website.

2 thoughts on “The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York City”

  • I love the Met! You got a great photo of the outside (the first photo). I didn’t back up enough and wasn’t able to get a shot like this when we visited. What a wonderful museum with such a variety of art.

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