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The Niagara on the Lake Effect

When visiting Niagara Falls, one must make Niagara on the Lake a side trip, which is only around 30-mins drive away. The small town is known for its wineries, the summer Shaw Festival – a series of theater productions and culinary excellence. The flower-filled, tree-lined old town features 19th-century buildings, mainly along Queen Street.


Where to stay:

There are a a number of bed and breakfast, inns and boutique hotels to choose from if you are planning to stay a night or two at this town. The Niagara on the Lake tourism website offers a good list that you can refer from.

If you want to splurge and be at the heart of this charming town, i would recommend to stay at Prince of Wales Hotel which is considered a vintage hotel. It is the most prominent structure along the historic district due to its elegant architecture with corner stones that date back to 1864 which can still be seen today. The hotel was restored and reopened in 1999 to incorporate Victorian charm to its style.


View of Prince of Wales Hotel

To check the availability and make a reservation, visit their website.


Restaurants and gift shops along Queen Street

The Queen Street is made for walking, with its boutique shops, restaurants and stunning vistas – every corner is bursting with trees and beautiful flowers and decorated with charming architectural design – this collection is considered as one of Canada’s best preserved old structures.


Parking on Queen Street – there are free and metered parking available along the streets and there are a few parking lots. Check out for parking information – fees and time limits. I went during morning and i didn’t have any issue finding a parking space.



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